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National Stadium Karachi is one of the oldest stadiums in Pakistan. It is situated in Pakistan biggest city Karachi. National Stadium Karachi made its international debut when it hosted a test match between India and Pakistan in 1955.

National Stadium Karachi Major Matches

National Stadium Karachi is one of the luckiest grounds for Pakistan cricket team in test matches as at one time Pakistan cricket team didn’t lose a test match after playing 34 games t National Stadium Karachi. It was only in the year 2000 and its 35th test match to be played at Karachi when Pakistan cricket team were on the losing side at this particular stadium.

An inaugural one-day international match was played between Pakistan and West Indies in 1980 and National Stadium Karachi hosted its first ever T20 international match against Bangladesh in 2008.

National Stadium Karachi has seen so many historic moments over the years. Viv Richards belligerent 181 against Sri Lanka in 1987 world cup. Also, great cricket stalwarts like Sachin Tendulkar and Waqar Younis both made their test debut on this varied ground in 1989. Inzamam ul Haq won test match against Australia by just 01 wickets by putting more than 50 runs stand with #11 Mushtaq Ahmed in 1994 against Australia.

National Stadium Karachi History

In his rich history lasting over decades, National Stadium Karachi hosted 50 world cup matches during 1987 & 1996 editions of the cricket world cup.

PSL 2021 matches to be played at National Stadium Karachi

In PSL 2021 season national Stadium Karachi will host 09 matches. Considered as the home ground of Karachi Kings they will play half of their Pakistan Super League 2021 league matches at National Stadium, Karachi. Karachi will also host one of the qualifier matches of PSL 2022 season.

National Stadium Karachi Seating Capacity

With a seating capacity of close to 34500 spectators, National Stadium Karachi had hosted the final of Pakistan Super League 2018 edition and all Pakistan Super League 2019 edition matches took place in Pakistan had taken place at National Stadium Karachi, as all PSL 2019 matches scheduled in Lahore also shifted to Karachi  to simplify the logistics and administrative issues.

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