How much prize money will the winning team of T20 World Cup 2024 final get?

The T20 World Cup has started, which is being hosted jointly by West Indies and America, but you will be surprised to know that the winning team of the tournament will get 1.6 million dollars i.e. 44 crore Pakistani rupees. The excess amount will be given as a reward.

According to details, 20 teams are participating in the ongoing World Cup in America and West Indies, which have been divided into 4 groups, 55 matches will be played in this tournament.

Group A includes Canada, India, Pakistan, Ireland and USA.

Group B includes Australia, England, Namibia, Oman and Scotland.

Group C includes Afghanistan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and West Indies.

Group D includes Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Netherlands.

In the first round of the World Cup, each team will play 4 group matches, 2 top teams from each group will go to the ‘Super Eight’ round, in the Super Eight, two groups of four teams will be formed, two teams from each group. They will go to the semi-finals while the grand final of the tournament will be played on June 29 in Barbados. 

The winning team of the tournament will get a prize money of 1.6 lakh dollars, which is more than 44 crores in Pakistani currency.

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