Singer Ali Zafar is likely to get chance to sing HBL PSL 9 song

The possibility of Ali Zafar’s voice echoing in the HBLPSL became clear.

In the first three seasons of HBL PSL, Ali Zafar sang the anthem, in 2018 he was accused of harassment by fellow singer Misha Shafi which affected his career severely, since then he got the opportunity to sing the PSL anthem again. Could not be found, the charge against Ali could not be proved but a stain was left which could not be cleaned despite a million efforts.

PCB recorded three anthems in the voice of Ali Zafar for PSL 9 this year, one of them was also selected, however, when the matter reached the PSL franchises, a female official raised an objection. It was said that because of the past incident, it is not right to re-associate Ali Zafar with the league as it will affect the reputation.

By justifying this, the board changed its intention to hand over the project to Ali Zafar, Zaka Ashraf did not sign the contract with him, but now the situation seems to be changing with the departure of the Chairman Management Committee.

Current officials believe that since the charge against Ali Zafar has not been proved, there is no problem in giving him a chance, the situation will become clear in the next few days.

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