Saudi Ambassador Honors Pakistan’s T20 WC Victory with Hajj Invitation

In case of success in the T20 World Cup, the Pakistani team will be the royal guest on Hajj next year, announced the Saudi ambassador.

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan , Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al Maliki, has expressed his best wishes for the Pakistani team in the ICCT Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2024. In a video message on Sunday, the Saudi ambassador expressed his confidence in the Pakistani team’s ability to win the tournament and said, “My brothers (Pakistani team), God willing, you will win this tournament and the Pakistani nation will celebrate your victory.”

He said that I pray for the prosperity and development of Pakistan . He also announced that if Pakistan wins the T20 World Cup , the team will go for Hajj next year as royal guests. They will play their first match in the event against the USA on June 6 in Dallas. After that, they will play their second match in the Green Shirts event against traditional rivals India on June 9, Canada on June 11 and Ireland on June 16, from the group stage. The top two teams will advance to the Super 8 round in the West Indies.

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