Top 5 Most Famous T20 Cricket Leagues In The World 2024

T20 Leagues have increased the popularity of the game itself as well as the T20 Format. Nowadays if any cricketing nation wants to be successful and generate enough revenue, then it is important to have a T20 league. How do know which is the best cricket league in the world or which are the top 5 cricket leagues in the world at the moment?

There are multiple franchise T20 Leagues taking place in the world but based on salary caps, big names, and quality of the game, we can pick 5 T20 Leagues and rate them as top 5 cricket leagues on the world basis on the above-mentioned parameters.

  1. Indian Premier League

When we talk about T20 Leagues, there is no bigger league than the Indian Premier League. IPL Began in 2008 and to date, 14 times this tournament has been played (2008-2021). Known for its humongous salary caps, IPL has featured some of the biggest cricket stars of the T20 World.

IPL is like a cricket festival and during this festival, all other cricketing events are suspended. Very little international cricket happens at the time of IPL so that players can participate in this league. Players get to learn a lot, as well as, secure a lucrative deal by featuring in the IPL.

Prize money of IPL also makes it the top best T20 league in the world. Its prize money for the winning team is USD 2,696,258.

Man prominent names in T20I Cricket history have played the Indian Premier League. The likes of Chris Gayle, Shahid Afridi, Glenn Maxwell, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, Kieron Pollard, and many other notable T20 Cricket stars have played the IPL at least once in their careers.

For the last 14 years, IPL has been the best T20 League in the world and its popularity bar is incr5easing with each passing year. It is expected that IPL will continue to provide thrill and entertainment to the fans.

  1. Pakistan Super League

Next on the list of best T20 Leagues in the world is Pakistan Super League. PSL began in 2016 and has shown rapid progress since then. The viewership of PSL has gone up every single year. PSL also has handsome salary caps and PSL is well-known for the quality of cricket.

PSL matches are full of thrill and drama. To date, 6 editions of the event have been played with the seventh all set to be played in 2022. The only thing that puts PSL behind IPL in the list of best cricket Leagues in the world is big names. Although many big names have featured in PSL, yet PSL has not got closer to the star-power that IPL has.

PSL prize money is second highest after IPL which is USD 505,000 for the winning team.

  1. Big Bash League

Big Bash League is the third-best T20 League in the world. in the list of top 5 cricket leagues. Big Bash is usually played in the December-January window every year. Big Bash League never fails to deliver quality cricket but most of the time their national stars are busy on different tours and hence Big Bash League lacks star power.

Big Bash League began in 2011 and since then it is regularly played every year. Big Bash League is also known for its weird and creative rules. They tend to innovate the game with more and more new rules like flipping the bat at toss e.t.c. Compared to PSL and IPL, Big Bash League lacks both local and foreign star power.

BBL has the third-highest winning prize which is USD 450,000.

  1. Caribbean Premier League

Caribbean Premier League is another T20 Festival, held every in the Caribbean. No T20 League in the world is complete without some Caribbean flavor in it. When the West Indies themselves organize a T20 tournament, the T20 Cricket of the highest quality is promised.

CPL over the years has had great star power and some great memories. Plenty of sixes is hit throughout the event and fans thoroughly enjoy the tournament. The reason why CPL is ranked 4th in the list of best T20 Leagues is that the pitches are quite awkward in the event. Sometimes the track is too slow while at times it’s the flattest of the track one could imagine.

CPL lacks that thrill and immense drama that a T20 League must-have. In other words, CPL lacks those close-end finishes, which draws the high TV ratings as well. CPL prize money is USD 429,799 which is the 4th highest amongst the major best T20 leagues in world cricket.

  1. Blast T20

T20 Blast of England ranks 5th in the list of best T20 Leagues in the world. The T20 Blast was the first-ever T20 league in the world. It began way back in 2003, even before the time when this format wasn’t officially approved by the ICC as the 3rd format of the game.

It is safe to say that the T20 Blast is the parent of all T20 Leagues. Over the years stars from all across the world participated in this league. Many Classic Era legends were seen playing the shortest format of the game due to this league.

T20 Blast was indeed the best T20 League but nowadays there is not enough star-power in the league due to other established leagues as well. However, the quality of cricket and the beauty of England Stadiums still thrills the fans and the T20 Blast still remains one of the most-watched T20 competitions in the world.

T20 Blast prize money is USD 236,127 which is the 5th highest among all the T20 leagues taking place in the world.

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