PSL Catch a “1” Crore Winner in Lucky Draw Result – Pepsi Crow/Spectators Announced

See Pepsi Catch a 1 Crore Winning Today in Lucky Draw Result today. Check the latest video of Pepsi Catch a crore online here. Get today catches details and the person who gets today’s match catch and becomes a member of Shared catch a Crore. Here you check the prize money and the details of the users.

PSL Catch A Crore 2022

Through such a massive prize on offer, Pepsi Pakistan has achieved to retain the attention of cricket fans whole and draws extra and more of them to the cricket grounds. And, with PSL 2022 schedule PDF in Pakistan totally, Pakistani cricket fans can imagine a lot successful in their favor as cricket takings home.

Are You Up For Pepsi Catch A Crore 2022?

Therefore, what do you say? Remain you going to the grounds in Pakistan as the event starts? It will be in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi this time across, and you must certainly show your spirit at the grounds to give up by hand a chance to give out a crore.

PSL catching a crore would offer you a chance to win big, and you fair want to do sure that you find yourself a seat in the arena somewhere the players are likely to hit the ball very regularly. Just sit tight, save your tensions calm and delay for the ball to come your way. Get you at the Pepsi Catch a Crore 2022 prize sharing at the end of the tournament.

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