PSL franchises accept PCB’s offer of new financial model

Pakistan Cricket Panel Chairman Ramiz Raja wants to accept the action that established issues between the PCB and the Pakistan Super League contract out arrived at an end as soon as they received the board’s offer.

The progress that happened was in the public domain by the board in a media statement, wherever it said that PSL franchises have agreed on the deal, which was accessible to them throughout last month’s Governing Council board meeting in Lahore.

Several of the relevant conditions of the offer, which the six contracts have accepted, involve:

  • Covid-19 relief for HBL PSL 5 and 6
  • Upward change of Central Pool of Revenue in favor of the franchises for HBL PSL 7–20
  • Lock up of Dollar rate with a potential effect

Point out over the growth, the PCB chairman stated that the established issues among the PCB and the franchises have been affecting confusion and impacting the status of the product.

“ONE is pleased that all issues have finally being resolved,” he said. “It is a big step up in building a greater connection with the franchise owners as we look forward to doing by them to take the HBL PSL to larger and extraordinary peaks.”

Likewise, a common financial statement released by the contract holders said that the approval of the deal is an signal of their responsibility and decide to make up the union bigger and well.

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