New Multan Team Owner Wants Second PSL for Youth Development

The story, based on the 6th team of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was held by some as a dangerous story against investing in the domestic Pakistan league. But two days ago, the stunning takeover by Ali Tareen to stable the sixth team of the PSL. From the beginning of the tale, Ali Tareen from the South Punjab, where the Multan is the biggest city, that’s the reason of the team will be called the Multan Sultan.

The team was unclear for the next season of the PSL because of some issue from the previous owner of the team.

As all of us knows that, Tareen is the son of one of Pakistanis richest business tycoon Jehangir Tareen. Who said that, let’s start the new business with the sixth team of the league, which available to success. He also said, I don’t know how much this team creates business which the people knows for the business purpose.

He is quoted the big example of buying home and put it for the rent. Turin said that, buying house is the investment in an asset and that asset gives you the rent and make the profit for the long term. This idea leads me to buy the South Punjab team and also make a vision of new players in the Pakistan team for the upcoming years.

Tareen has already run the cricket site named: Grassroots Cricket and for this he drive to the PCB for the sixth team which vacant for the owner. He wants to develop the youth cricket in Pakistan more efficiently for the upcoming years.

He also says that the players which are categorized in the silver category had not chance to play the games in PSL. He wants to use, the local players for the team and boost them for the international player via local franchise matches across the Pakistan.

Multan Sultan Taken by Ali Tareen

Tareen also says, when I ask for the sponsors who have not sponsored the team for two years in a row, they say’s it too hard to pay the big amount for a just a month in the year. It too short and the budget is too high, but when the team gets a boost in a couple of years, then you find the profit in thrice of your investement. You get more and more money that you invest in two years.

All the sponsors become happy to invest in the bang team in a short spam of time.  Tareen belongs to the one of the big Pakistan party Imran Khan key allies; Jehangir Khan Tareen, who is the key member of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf party. He has a power and fame to run the franchise in the good and rocking behavior throughout the tournament and leads the Multan Sultans as the brand of the PSL.

He also said that, we aim to build better management for the team to pick the squad for the Punjab team and one can interfere for the team squad in the next season of the Pakistan Super League. My whole interest in the next 11 months of the PSL event to developers the Pakistan team youth players.

He focused the ground believes in the success of the team. He said that this draft is taken under the PCB, and this team is good for the upcoming season of the PSL.

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