Hafeez and Sarfaraz Clash on Twitter: Criticism of Hafeez by social media users suggests patience to Sarfraz

Don’t worry, the answer is not based on statistics, but these are the Pakistani cricketers of this century whose differences have been very popular and have been in the headlines

Now Sarfraz Ahmed and Mohammad Hafeez have also joined the list and apparently things are still hot due to this squabble that started on social media.

Just a few days ago, Pakistan had beaten South Africa by three runs in the first T20 match due to a century scored by Mohammad Rizwan.

While Sarfraz praised him in a tweet, Mohammad Hafeez’s particularly sarcastic tweet laid the groundwork for the controversy and the subsequent responses.

Hafeez tweeted, “Congratulations to Rizwan for scoring a T20I century, you are a shining star but I think many times how long you will have to prove that you are the number one wicket keeper batsman in all formats for Pakistan.” Are you Just asking (just asking).

Sarfraz seems to avoid controversy during press conferences and interviews, but last night Sarfraz Ahmed responded to Hafeez’s tweet and took him by surprise.

Sarfraz wrote in his tweet: ‘Muhammad Hafeez Sahib is the number one wicket keeper playing for Pakistan and also respected. Whether it is Wasim Bari or Taslim Arif, Imtiaz Ahmed or Saleem Yusuf, Rashid Latif, Moin Khan or Kamran Akmal. Or Rizwan nowadays.

He added, “We are all with Rizwan and want him to play the best innings for the country as much as possible and whoever gets a chance to play for Pakistan in the future will be number one.” We expect only a positive attitude from the international cricketer who has been representing Pakistan for a long time. I’m just saying.

Before we talk about the answer given by Sarfraz Ahmed, it is important for us to know the background of this controversy.

Muhammad Hafeez has made statements against Sarfraz Ahmed before. In an interview given to a private TV channel after the 2019 World Cup, Hafeez had said, “The captain should not be just a tosser, in the end we are players and we have to perform, our presence in the team is just It shouldn’t be because we are captains.

When it came down to it, Mohammad Amir did not hesitate to comment on the matter and came out in support of Sarfraz Ahmed.

He wrote: ‘Babu, you are still Pakistan’s number one wicket-keeper-batsman and it was your captaincy when the team was number one for two years and most of all the Champions Trophy (won). That is why you are the pride and honor of Pakistan and it is a matter of fun for people to speak whatever they want.<

It may be recalled that Hafeez and Azhar Ali had urged not to include Aamir and others in the team in the discussion to bring Muhammad Aamir back in the team after the ban was imposed due to spot-fixing.

Following a tweet from Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Hafeez wrote in his response without naming anyone: “Showing hollow thinking, exposed.”

Most social media users made humorous comments on the situation. Some said that Sarfraz Ahmed’s response was necessary in response to Hafeez’s tweet, while some people advised Sarfraz not to take Hafeez’s words to heart.

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